Winter Skincare: Small Steps, Big Impact

tips for winter season

Winter is almost here and although we love the sweater weather, dealing with dry and dehydrated skin is a tough job. We wish to look flawless and beautiful at all times and the best way to do that is to take care of our skin according to its type and the season. Here are 8 amazing winter skincare tips that are easy to follow and worth your try.

Top 7 Winter Skincare Tips:

#1 Hydration is the key

Hydrate your skin and body like crazy.  A hydrated body has multiple benefits and hydrated skin is gorgeous. It is not only great for clearing up the skin and fighting aging but hydrated skin means moisture retention and zero flakiness.

#2 Up your oils!

Be it intake or topical application, oils can do wonders for the skin and body. Consuming the right oil in moderation keeps the body warm and healthy in winters while topical application hydrates the skin and keeps it soft and supple. Applying facial oil has several benefits so pick one according to your needs and make it your winter BFF.  

#3 Say no to thermostat!

Turning up the room temperature may make you feel cozy but the heat isn’t good for the skin. High temperatures lead to moisture loss and dryness. So, lower the thermostat and prevent yourself from dryness. You can also invest in a humidifier to help your skin. 

#4 Limit your shower time

A hot bath is a frenemy. It seems like a luxury but instead harms the skin. It rips off the essential oil from the skin that is required to retain the moisture and softness.

#5 Switch to natural cleansers

Be it a body cleanser or a face wash, preservative and foaming agents in these products disturb the pH level of the skin, especially in the colder season. Using sulfate-free cleanser is great for cleansing gently without drying out the skin. 

#6 Moisturize often

You may need to moisturize once a day in the summers but winters are not a skin-friendly weather. Moisturize and redo the same often to make sure that your skin has a protective barrier and to fight the cold breeze. Use a rich and nourishing formula to hydrate the skin well.

#7 Hello, body butter!

We often forget to moisturize the body especially the rough and tough areas like knees and elbows. Invest in a creamy and rich body butter to prevent the skin from getting flaky and dry. 

#8 Sunscreen is not seasonal.

The sun may not shine too bright in winters but it still emits the harmful UV rays. Stay protected and apply your sunscreen every single day before stepping out. 

With these 8 awesome tips, you’re sure to have moisturized and healthy skin this winter season. 

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