Why you should invest in Clean Haircare?

Hair is one of the most personality enhancing attribute of a human being. It is extremely important to upkeep the health of hair to look good and be confident. Though it is influenced by a lot of factors including the diet and environmental factors, what we use topically for the nourishment and cleansing matters a lot too. 

Majority of us pick up our hair care products depending upon the buzzwords such as ‘for thick and voluminous hair’, ‘anti-dandruff’, ‘soft & manageable’, ‘treats split ends’ et cetera, whereas it’s time we learn about what makes a product worth it. 

The hair cleansers, conditioners, serums, oils and tonics available in the market are loaded with harsh chemicals such as surfactants, sulfates, chemical conditioning agents, viscosity builders, artificial fragrances and colours. Though switching to a natural hair care routine can be a little daunting but it sure offers results that are equally good and mostly better.

Here’s why one must invest in clean and green hair care:

  • Human scalp is considered the most absorbent part of the body and so the chemicals can penetrate faster and deeper within seconds. These chemicals also enter the bloodstream and damage the system in the long term.
  • Apart from topical application, one also inhales strong fragrance enduring volatile organic compounds, which is also worrisome. These chemicals when inhaled get absorbed by the lungs and disturb the health of the organ.
  • Cleansing the hair with sulfates and harsh chemicals for a long period is known to weaken the hair shaft that is made of protein, thus reducing the strength and shine of the hair. Weak hair shaft also leads to hair breakage and dullness. 
  • The only permanent but adverse effects the chemical-based hair care products deliver are on the environment and to the health. Studies show that the chemicals in the hair care products lead to climate change, water resource depletion, mineral and fossil resource depletion, and freshwater eco-toxicity. 

So, before picking up the next shampoo, conditioner, oil, serum or styling products, consider its impact on your overall health and environment. 

Choose wisely!

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