Up your wellness stats with this Ayurvedic Brand

Ayurveda has been known to bless mankind for ages. The principles of Ayurveda revolve around blending the ingredients that are naturally found on mother Earth and that is what lays the foundation of OHRIA AYURVEDA. The secret formulations of their products come through inherited knowledge passed on to the founder by her Acharya.

Each product formulated at Ohria Ayurveda contains a different set of ingredients and is crafted with an altogether different process. Their exclusive and special formulas are packed with the power of nature housing in various sacred herbs and plant extracts. The brand aims at delivering the goodness and power of Ayurveda to every doorstep while ensuring that one attains everlasting beauty and good health. Their products are made in-house and involve extensive procedures such as botanical extraction, distillation, and titration of herbs and plants. Such extensive approach and meticulous processes ensure that the outcome of every effort put in is natural, clean and wondrous.

Here are some of their best-selling picks which we are already crushing over:

  1. Raatrani & Mint Natural Deodorant

Based on the ancient art of deodorizing, this product aims at cooling and refreshing the skin as and when needed. The natural fragrance is made with cooling herbs such as khus, aloe vera, bael, sandalwood and mint which also extends anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The blend is great at reducing perspiration and soothing the skin. The notes of the deodorant are floral and calming.

  1. Sandalwood & Kesar luxury copper candle

What could be better than a beautifully smelling candle in a visually great copper tin that makes to be a great décor piece as well? This sandalwood and Kesar candle is great to purify the environment. The candle is non-toxic and produces way less soot apart from infusing natural scents from essential oils and botanicals to uplift the space. Made without paraffin, dyes, lead or any animal byproducts, it is a must-have for an enhanced living experience.

  1. Cold-pressed raw sesame oil

Sesame seeds are known to be extremely beneficial for health. This sesame oil is cold-pressed which maintains the nutrients as they are and makes it easier for everyone to use. The unfiltered oil is also known to be the healing oil as it is highly rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and a whole lot of nourishing nutrients with detoxifying properties. The oil rejuvenates the skin, prevents aging, hydrates the skin and makes it soft and plump. It can also be applied to hands and nails to keep the skin soft and cuticles healthy.

  1. Kansa Body Massage Wand 

The Kansa massage wand is handcrafted upon a rosewood handle with a blend of three healing metals. While the copper treats pain and inflammation, tin reduces headache, stress, and insomnia. Regular usage of the wand also tones the skin and improves collagen synthesis. The wand is also known to reduce cellulite and fat deposits, detoxify the skin and balance the pH level of the skin. The massage can also be used to aid lymphatic drainage, and remove blocked energies to relieve joint pain and enhance mobility.

  1. Shrikamya facial beauty oil

Facial beauty oils are the rage and one must invest in a great one to keep ahead in the beauty game. Facial oils are made with potent ingredients and so is this one by Ohria Ayurveda. The Shrikamya beauty oil is crafted with illuminating and effective herbs that improve skin elasticity and texture, reduces pigmentation, evens out and brightens the skin tone. Some of the active ingredients that make the oil effective are rakt chandan, kasturi manjal, yasthimadhu, and essential oils from parijat flowers infused with Kashmiri saffron oil.

  1. Avbhasini Face pack

Aging is an inevitable process and that’s exactly what this face pack prevents. Perfect for dry and mature or aging skin, this face pack is known to hydrate, nourish and visibly improve the skin tone and texture. Enriched with almond powder, apricot, chironji, pure sandalwood, kesar, rose petals, turmeric, and masoor dal, the face pack is just perfect. It improves blood circulation, smoothens out the signs of aging and strengthens the skin tissue effectively.

We love their wellness and personal care products and would recommend you to try them too. So, don’t wait up! Order their awesome formulas now on www.vanitywagon.in!


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