Up your Makeup game this Navratri!

Vanity Navratri

Navratri marks the beginning of the festive season in India and so, it has to be welcomed and celebrated with full joy and a big bang. We know that looking your best every day is a task but it becomes all the more important as the festive season embarks.

So, here are 6 must-have products that will help you look awesome!


1. Ace the base with Just Herbs Skin Tint:

A clean, neat and even-toned facial skin is what everyone longs for. This festive season, practice to ace the base with a natural foundation. We recommend you try Just Herbs skin tint that is enriched with natural herbs. This product will blur all the imperfections and give you a flawless and dewy looking skin. It is a great and light-weight product that suits all skin types. Just pick your shade and start blending.


2. Add colour with Ruby’s Organics:

Navratri cannot be complete without a pop of colour and it has to be bright and beautiful for all we know. A dash of colour on the face does not just make you go from bland to beautiful but it also adds life to the attire. The right shade can do wonders for you. Make sure you choose a color that complements your tone and balances out the makeup as well. Choose from Ruby’s Organics’ three amazing options: poppy pink, blush tan and deep rose.

Eyes play a big role in makeup and a smokey, neat or extra definition can surely steal the show. Color your waterline and lids with Soultree’s kajal made with camphor and ghee and MyGlamm’s pigmented eyeshadows. These products will stay put all night long and you wouldn’t have to worry about the smudge as you dance the night away.


3. Don’t forget the brows, use Ruby’s Organics Smoked kohl brow filler:

Light and airy eyebrows can kill the look. Make sure you tame and shape them well with Ruby’s Organics Smoked kohl brow filler. This brow filler will give you a natural yet precise look. It is a non-toxic and smudge-proof formula. Stroke lightly or go heavy with precision, this can be used as you please.


4. It’s a NO-SHOW without Ruby’s Organics Highlighter:

Highlighting is the biggest makeup trend of 2019 so make sure you don’t go a day without it this Navratri. Ruby’s Organics’ all-natural and illuminating highlighters are pigmented, light-weight, long-lasting and safe to use. Made with oils and clays with healing properties, they can be used every single day. So dab a bit on your cheekbones, below your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and your temples for that glow that you want.


5. Take the cue & hue your lips with Disguise Cosmetics Lip Creams:

Make sure you use the ultimate matte, feather-light and vegan liquid lip cream in your favourite shade to finish the look. These lip creams glide on smoothly and do not dry out the lips at all. They come in several beautiful shades that are perfect to go with each attire and suit the Indian skin tone well. So pick your shade today!


Now, that you have a cheat sheet to looking beautiful, better shop your must-haves on www.vanitywagon.in before they are gone!

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