Treat Dry Skin & Acne With These Super-Effective Face Washes

Dry Skin & Acne face wash

Are you struggling with tingly and tight skin along with regular acne members on your face that refuse to go away? It is tough to treat these two dramatic concerns together as one needs to dry up and the other needs a hell lot of hydration. You must have tried all the foam and creamy formulas in the market and still might have not found the ultimate solution to treat both problems with one solution.

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Forget the woes as we bring you top 5 face washes that will help you soothe and moisturize your skin while treating the acne from the roots.

  1.    Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant face wash

The Vitamin C power of Orange and the detoxifying properties from Neem in this face cleansing formula by Just Herbs makes it perfect for dry and acne-prone skin. Let this ayurvedic concoction moisturize the flakiness away while the sandalwood, neem, and honey work its way to calm the inflamed and popping pimples. Add a sense of freshness as well as an active treatment to your regimen with this affordable and effective product.

  1.    Greenberry Organics Detox Charcoal Facewash

Charcoal and tea tree are known to fight acne and bacteria extremely well and both these ingredients make this formula perfect for the acne-prone skin. Apart from this, the face wash is also blended with mulberry grapefruit oil which hydrates and nourishes dry skin like magic. This is an amazing pick for everyone who wish to nutrify their skin and treat breakouts together, gently and effectively.

  1.    Khadi Naturals Aloe Vera face wash with scrub

Aloe vera is a versatile ingredient that solves an array of skin problems including pimples and dry skin. It kills bacteria and soothes the skin gently, and this formula by Khadi Natural is a testament to the power of the ingredient. The fine granules in the face wash will also buff off the dry and dead skin leaving behind moisturized and clearer surface. The product is also SLS and paraben free which leaves zero scope of skin irritation or adverse reactions.  Cleanse, moisturize and treat your dry and acne-prone skin and walk your way towards healthy and clear skin quickly with this super-gentle and pocket-friendly face wash.

  1.    Greenberry Organics Honey & Turmeric oil face wash

Treat your dry skin and acne with this powerful turmeric oil and honey face wash. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties in turmeric will kill the acne-causing bacteria and honey will moisturize, soothe, calm and clarify your skin for an eternal glow. This face wash is made with organic ingredients sans paraben and sulfate which makes it absolutely safe and gentle.

  1.    Vaunt Skincare daisy extract + Vit B face wash

Lend some nutritive daisy extract and Vitamin B to your dry skin and moisturize it on a cellular level. This face wash cleanses the face effectively and frees it from all the dirt and grime responsible for causing irritation and acne. Protect your skin from the harsh elements and free radicals in the air. This face wash also removes makeup and nourishes the skin intensely. It is very mild to the skin and active on the acne.

Toss your acne in the bin and welcome nourished skin with these face washes available at

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