Top 5 Lotions & Moisturizers for velvety Soft and Smooth Skin

Best Body Lotions for oily and dry skin

Have the TV commercials ever left you wondering how can you get that super smooth skin that feels like a petal and shines like a diamond? Fret not, as it is not a dream anymore with the organic alternatives we are here to offer. Get your hands on the picks we recommend for soft and supple skin.

  1. The Nature’s Co Mixed berry body lotion 

Berries are known to brighten and soften the skin and this lotion is loaded with similar properties. Enriched with raspberry and strawberry extract, vitamin E, olive oil, and vegetable glycerin, this lotion hydrates thirsty skin replenishes nutrients and leaves the skin smooth to touch and flawless in appearance. Apply the lotion on immediately after bathing and at night before bedtime for best results.

  1. Soultree Apricot moisturizer with honey and kokum butter 

Prepared with a unique and moisturizing blend of cold-pressed apricot kernel oil from the Himalayas, organic herbs, and wild honey, this moisturizer aims to defeat dryness instantly. It nourishes the skin deeply and retains optimum moisture required to prevent environmental damage. The moisturizer is free of chemicals and certified natural.

  1. St. D’vence Moisturiser with almond oil and aloe vera

Ultra-lightweight, quick absorbent and intensely hydrating, this amazing formula by St. D’vence is an ultimate pick if you want smooth skin. The potion is loaded with American aloe vera, almonds, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. It relieves dryness, retains moisture and induces glow in the skin. It also lightens the appearance of dark spots which further leaves the skin clear. Allow this lotion to condition your skin deeply.

  1. Lotus Organics divine nutritive hydrating lotion

Nothing can make the skin softer than Irish Moss; which is nature’s premium superfood for the skin. Enriched with superior ingredients, this lotion is sure to melt in the skin quickly and hydrate and soften the skin. Lather nutritive loaded formula to achieve velvety and polished skin.

  1. Life & Pursuits daily moisturizing lotion 

Let your skin feel polished and hydrated with this organic body lotion enriched with organic oils, medicinal herbs, aloe vera gel, shea butter, and glycerine. This body lotion protects, nourishes and moisturizes the skin deeply. Its exclusive formulation soothes and softens the skin without leaving it sticky or greasy. Suitable for all skin types, this lotion is a must-have for everyone who covets petal-like skin.

Now that you know how to get velvety soft skin, what are you waiting for? Get any one of these amazing magic formulas now on!





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