Top 5 Face Cleansers for Men

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Men tend to be negligent towards their skin and often use soaps to cleanse their face. Well, it is better to not use anything than wash your face with soap. This is because the soaps are likely to dry out your skin and strip off the natural oils that are essential and hence, it is important for men to use cleansers or face washes. They need to include them in their regular grooming routine. There are a large number of face wash products in India, but you cannot choose any of them randomly. The choice has to be made based on your skin type. 

So, let’s check out 5 skin types and cleansers suitable for them.

  1. For oily skin- Our skin contains a specific amount of oils that are essential for maintaining the pH balance and internal stability of the skin. However, few men have skins that are oiler than normal. They also face issues like big pores, acne, and skin getting greasy within a short span of time. If you have any such signs, your skin is oily. For such skin, you must choose a face wash or cleanser that will regulate the production of oil without making your skin dry. There are several products available which claim to help you with your oily skin but you shouldn’t buy them without seeing the reviews as some of them may dry out your face completely.
  2. For dry skin- If you find your skin flaky and itchy or if you feel it is tight and you never observe any traces of oil on your face, then you have dry skin. In that case, you have to search for a face wash that will remove the impurities without peeling off the natural oils from your skin. Any hydrating face wash can work well for such skin type. 
  3. For sensitive skin- Well, emotional sensitivity has got nothing to do with skin sensitivity. Your skin will be considered sensitive if it often goes red after shaving or usage of scrub or cleansing. It can be considered sensitive, even if it is prone to irritation due to the use of certain products. For this type of skin, it is crucial to find a face wash that will maintain the pH level of the skin. The cleanser should also be chosen carefully. The one that is creamy and gives out dense lather can be great for you. It’s recommended using organic products in India for sensitive skin to avoid any kind of side effects.
  4. For normal skin- Consider yourself lucky if you are a man with normal skin as you can make use of any type of face wash or cleanser without facing any problem. Such type of skin is not oily, flaky, red or sensitive to shaving or scrubbing. Use face washes and cleansers that will not dry away the natural oils out of your skin.
  5. For combination skin- Few men have an oily forehead, nose, and chin; while their cheeks are dry. This kind of skin is called combination skin. If your facial skin is of this type, you must look for a cleanser that will get rid of impurities and excess oil without stripping off the natural oils out of the skin. The face wash should also be the one locking in the natural moisture of the skin. You should look for products that will cleanse your skin thoroughly while hydrating it when required.

Now that you are well aware of what will suit your skin type, do research and get an appropriate cleanser or face wash so as to take care of your facial skin.

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