Top 5 efficacious creams to treat Dry, Sensitive & Ageing skin

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Do you feel like you’ve gone through your share of failures when it comes to treating your dry and sensitive ageing skin? It is a task to find one product that can hydrate and smoothen your skin without causing any irritation.

With the given set of skin concerns including wrinkles and fine lines on flaky and easily-irritated skin, one is sure to feel afraid before trying a product in order to save oneself from further problems. Though finding the right product to treat the skin properly was mere luck earlier, with the following gentle and natural formulas, we are sure your skin will recover from dryness and look younger sans any added reaction or even slight irritation.


1.Khadi Natural Herbal Anti-Wrinkle Cream 

Soothe your skin and treat the signs of ageing with the saffron and papaya extracts in this jar of herbal goodness. This formula by Khadi Natural is a treat that you can slather on your skin without worry. This cream is effective at moisturizing and provides the skin with youthful resilience. The light-weight formula penetrates deeply in the skin and treats the skin on a cellular level.


 2. Greenberry Organics Bio-Active intense night cream

Intense moisturizing without any harsh ingredients is all that dry and sensitive skin needs and what could be better if the formula is bioactive and works on wrinkles and fine lines as well. This night cream by Greenberry Organics is a great product for achieving hydrated and youthful skin. The organic aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and olive oil extracts in this formula make a great blend that is proven to deliver brighter, hydrated and younger looking skin. The best part is that the product is free of SLS, parabens and all other harsh chemicals which guarantees no skin irritability.


3.Organic Harvest Juvenescence Anti-Ageing cream 

Experience the age reversal process with this light yet effective anti-ageing cream. This formula by Organic Harvest is perfect to defy wrinkles as well as fine lines. The unique blend of gentle Bifida ferment, whey protein, and honeysuckle extract boosts this potion with great moisturizing and anti-ageing properties. It is known to provide elasticity and firmness to the skin and also add a youthful glow to it. Add this to your night care regimen and let your skin repair and regenerate itself while you sleep.


4.Neemli Naturals Argan and rose day cream 

Slather this quick absorbent cream, packed with anti-ageing, moisturizing and repairing benefits, onto your skin for instant relief from dryness and signs of ageing. The mild and natural ingredients of the formula such as argan oil, rose oil, kokum butter, caffeine, Vitamin E and more are all gentle and absolutely perfect for sensitive skin. They will stimulate blood circulation around the face and work on the visible signs of ageing while hydrating the skin deeply. Try this wonder product and get ready to be amazed.

5.Mama Earth Overnight Repair Face cream   

This repairing formula by Mama Earth is perfect for everyone with overly sensitive, dry and ageing skin. Formulated sans chemicals as well as preservatives, it gently hydrates, nourishes and repairs the skin overnight. Some of the active ingredients in the product are daisy flower extract, collagen CLR, shea butter, and glycerine. This light-weight formula is ideal and effective at restoring firmness, smoothening out wrinkles and nourishing the dry skin well. Not only this, but the cream also fights a lot of other skin damages caused due to environmental conditions.

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