Top 5 Cruelty-free beauty brands in India

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The world is becoming wiser and better with brilliant options and great selection, and beauty is a part of it too. A great shift from blindly choosing the beauty products, consumers are hooting for petting, not testing. As per the demand of the consumers and awakened and passionate crafters, cruelty-free beauty brands has taken a fair share and is striving to monopolise for good.

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Though it sounds to be a western concept to many even now, it is very much rooted in our nation and to introduce the best of all, here are our top 5 cruelty-free beauty brands in India you’ll fall in love with upon trial.

  1. Ruby’s Organics: Isn’t applying makeup that has no blood and pain involved in manufacturing a great idea? Ruby’s Organics is one such brand that crafts and offers beauty staples that are not just organic but also cruelty-free. Some of our favourites from their range are illuminators, crème blushers, and moisturising lipsticks.
  2. The Nature’s Co.: Bringing nature close to you and your soul, the brand has set the stature of purity and products sans chemicals. Their effective and amazing concoctions are soothing and suited for all skin types. We vouch for the lip scrub, shower gels and hair cleansers for an all-time refreshing experience.
  3. Disguise Cosmetics: Cruelty was not limited to a certain industry but it was hovering over each one. Ditching the unethical ways of creating beauty products, Disguise cosmetics proudly manufactures their makeup products with all aesthetics and transparency. From their multi-purpose Rainbow oil to the lip colours enriched with Avocado and Marula oil, every product is worth loving.
  4. Just Herbs: The world swears by the granny herbs still fighting strong and better with modern crafting techniques and application. Just Herbs stands true to its name and offers products that are great for everyone. With ingredients sourced from across the country, the bespoke range of skin and hair care products will leave you wanting for more every time. We suggest their Silksplash, Kimsukadi tail and facial mists to start with.
  5. Neemli Naturals: Zero traces of harsh chemicals and added goodness of nature, Neemli Naturals is all love to your skin and soul. The brand offers artisanal skin care products that are crafted in small batches to provide you fresh and active results. This toxin-free brand is all name and fame for the amazing results it delivers. We recommend their clay mask, night cream and refreshing bathing bars. Even men are all enthusiastic for its beard care products.

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