Top 5 Bath & Body products you must buy right now!

bath and body

Taking care of your body is mandatory. One often ignores pampering the hands, legs, torso, back et cetera in comparison to the face. We all invest in a lot of facial products like oils, scrubs, serums, cleanser and more but it is high time we realize that to attain ultimate healthy skin, we need to mindfully pick good bath and body products too.

To help you out and make sure you choose the best, we have shortlisted 5 amazing products that you must-have and use.

  1. Body polish: As fancy as it may sound, body polishes are a must-have for everyone. This product is formulated with fine quality bath salt, essential oil and emollients like sugar and honey to deliver smooth, fresh and supple skin. We recommend you try RAS luxury oils’ stimulating rosemary & orange Himalayan bath salt.
  2. Body butter: Goes without saying, body butter is a must-have for everyone. No matter the skin type, body butter must be used to retain moisture and maintain the pH balance of the skin. One can choose from ample kinds of consistency and brands in the market but we suggest you try one of our favorites, The Mom’s Co. natural body butter. This product is made with all-natural ingredients making it safe yet effective.
  3. Body Oil: We all lead a fast-paced life wherein we are mostly rushing to meet our goals and achieve more than yesterday. All the hustle builds up stress and tension in the muscles and so we must untie the stress knots with nourishing and relaxing body oil. Using a body oil is also great at revitalizing the body, regenerating the tissue, calming the mind, and moisturizing the skin. One such effective body oil is Life & Pursuits’ Revitalizing Body Oil.
  1. Shower gel: Using a clarifying and moisturizing body wash is a great way to refresh your body every day. A good shower gel energizes the body and maintains a healthy moisture balance leaving you with supple and luminous skin. We recommend you try Raw Nature’s malt extracts & vanilla pepper body wash. This shower gel is enriched with a whole lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to cleanse your skin, protect and moisturize it with every use.
  1. Hand & foot cream: Hands and feet are the body parts that work the most and so they need intense care and nourishment as well. Investing in a good hand and foot cream is extremely important. Soultree’s hand and foot cream is a great pick owing to its intensely moisturizing and cell regeneration properties. Enriched with kokum butter, honey, aloe, turmeric and a blend of potent oils, the cream soothes dry and cracked skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

These 5 bath & body products are must-haves for everyone. In case you’re missing on anything on the list, shop it today on!


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