Tips for Naturally good looking Hair

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Healthy, thick and beautiful tresses are a dream of every woman but living sans the city pollution and deteriorating quality of lifestyle, it is difficult to achieve it. Our hair goes through levels of tormenting that includes exposure to pollution, dirt, harsh chemicals in the hair products, heat damage from the styling tools et cetera. 

To combat each such problem that is standing in the way, we bring you some tips and products that will help you regain the lost health of your hair and give your naturally lustrous hair. 

Use mild shampoos with most likely natural ingredients like Amla and Shikhai.

To begin with, it is very important to cleanse your hair with good but mild shampoos as harsh chemicals rinse off the natural oils that the scalp needs. Make sure you use a product that has the power of a good cleanser and is naturally nutritive too. 

Bring back the shine and strengthen your roots with Auli Lifestyle’s luminous shampoo and Raw Nature’s Macadamia and Cedarwood shampoo.

Make conditioner and masks your best friend. 

Right and timely conditioning is extremely essential to maintain hair’s shine and keep the bonds strong and shielded. Indulge in conditioning your hair every time you cleanse them and invest in an intense scalp mask therapy product (use it to the maximum of twice in a week) for optimum results. 

We recommend Organic Harvest’s Conditioner and Ilana’s conditioning hair mask with the goodness of mango and organ oil as a pre-wash moisture treatment.

No oil means all roil

We all have faced granny’s scolding for not oiling the hair often and ’tis time we get in touch with the roots again. Invest in a good hair oil that is packed with hair strengthening and nourishing properties. Our scalp produces natural oils but the strands often get dry and damaged due to the city pollution and more. With periodic hair oil treatment, there is no damaged that cannot be reversed. 

For thick, voluminous and therapeutic benefits, we suggest you to use First Water Solution’s Cold pressed coconut oil and/or Just Herb’s Bhringraj Tail.

Say no to chemicals and style with sense

Okay! We cannot disagree that we have to style our hair often in this millennial era, be it a party or a work meet, hair in place is a must. To style our hair on a daily basis, we opt for chemically-laden gels, wax and pastes that cause a build up and are utterly harmful in the long run. It is vital that we style our hair without heat and with sense. 

Fret not! You can now style your hair with the same confidence minus the chemicals. Try hair cream and hair gel by Arata Zero Chemicals and stay worry-free about damaging your hair. 

Serum is Survival!

You will agree and we can’t stress more that serum is a must after showers to lock the ends with nutrients and block the harmful radicals play their part. It is also important to choose the right hair serum basis your hair concerns. 

We vouch for Paul Pender’s Leave In Defrizzing Hair Balm that is perfect for the cold weather and will leave your hair moisturised and manageable.  

Now that you are guided rightly, flaunt your tresses and shine through! 

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