This Women’s Day: Rejuvenate, Relax and Re-energize yourself!

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Being a woman is not just another job but one that not every being can comprehend. From rising to our rights, fight for it and bringing changes that were unimaginable, women have surpassed expectations and set milestones that are worth every applaud.

Women come in many forms, some beautify homes, some strengthen the economy, some empower the world, while some rule, but each is inevitably important in each way. We, at Vanity Wagon, salute each kind mentioned and missed with equal respect and love. To make your women’s day a little more special, here’s a list of products that will unwind you and calm your soul because a pamper session every now and then is all that you need.

Pour yourself a glass of wine or warm it up with a cuppa green tea while you soak the goodness of all the Himalayan Bath Salt in the bath tub. (Might as well Netflix and chill, for real). We recommend the very affordable and soothing lavender bath salt by Bath Candy Co.

Now that you are all refreshed and calm, draw away your mental blocks with some aromatherapy. Light your favourite tea light and add some drops of eucalyptus essential oil by RAS luxury oils in your Bath Candy Co diffuser, for a scent and sight that is worth the hype. It will not only help you relieve stress and exhaustion but will also put you to a sound sleep.

Post the luxurious bath and wonder nap, it is time to go all out and celebrate the brave, bold and beautiful version of yourself. Use our favourite MyGlamm Makeover FF cream as the base, top up your eyes and lips with Smoked Kohl and eyeliner and a stunning shade by Ruby’s Organics.

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Embrace, Appreciate, Grow! Wish all you women out there not just a day but an era of celebration!

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