The Ideal Guide to Cruelty-free Makeup

Cruelty FREE

People have started becoming conscious about the cruelty-free cosmetics that are currently present in the market. They are more inclined towards spending money on those products, which have not been tested on animals. According to a research that has been conducted, almost hundred and fifteen million animals are used every year for various experiments, and this is one of the most important reasons as to why customers are moving towards cruelty-free makeup products.

Cruelty-free: what does it actually mean

Its indicated on the carton of the makeup products, that the particular product you have picked has not been responsible for performing any experiments on animals, during the manufacturing process. Animal testing has already been banned in the European Union since the year 2013. Therefore, if you are in Britain and you are purchasing any beauty product, you can be assured that it is going to be cruelty-free.

However, a significant problem that is still there is that animal testing is still legal in places like Australia and America. However, because of consumer awareness and the reluctance of using organic products that are tested on animals, brands are shifting to cruelty-free products. Opting for cruelty-free makeup products is definitely ethical for numerous reasons, but there are still many people who do not have a clear idea about cruelty-free beauty products and why they should be used.

Given below is a list of reasons as to why you should be making a room for animal-friendly alternatives.

Cruelty-free makeup products are not toxic

This is something that is absolutely true because all the ingredients that are used in cruelty-free products have a safety record. Therefore, you can be assured that you are using products that do not have any negative effects and are not going to harm you in any manner. There is a high probability that the ingredients you are putting all over your body are natural and do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Cruelty-free brushes are cleaner

Most of us use makeup brushes, made up of animal hair. However, the fact is, that these brushes are actually harboring bacteria because of their hair structure. Animal hair is capable of trapping dead skin as well as oil, which is going to breed bacteria. It is also not possible to clean them thoroughly. They remain dirty despite of cleaning them.

This is why you should choose makeup brushes that are made up of synthetic hair. And when you are using synthetic-hair brushes, you will know that no animal has been harmed during the process.

How can you check if the makeup products you have selected are cruelty-free

There is a lot more that is associated with being cruelty-free than only one line that indicates that the product has not been tested on animals. Even if you see the picture of a mouse or a rabbit on your product, it obviously does not mean that it has not been tested on animals anywhere in the world. However, there is a single internationally recognized symbol for the cruelty-free products, which is the Leaping Bunny.

Any company that is displaying this particular symbol tends to guarantee that no animal testing was involved in the development of that particular product. And these are the products that you should be selecting.

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