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There’s nothing like effective skincare or hair care regimen that is showing results but having known that it’s an everyday routine makes us sometimes skip on exotic formulations that equal all the other products that we line up and use every single day. 

Are you one of them? Do you ignore the concentrated miracle packed in a bottle or jar basis the price of the product? Well, it’s time you rethink & realise that these sole products equal the benefits you achieve from a bunch of average products. Here are 5 awesome brands that offer the most potent and result-driven products that will woo your wits with instant and obvious results. Let’s see what all is in the luxe store for you!

1. RAS Luxury oils: 

Botanicals is a well-known secret to flawless and glowing skin and bringing the goodness from farm to face, RAS luxury oils is doing nothing but the best. The brand believes in making every breathable moment a luxury with its aromatic concoctions and blends that elevates inner beauty and calms down the mind, body, and soul. Fusing the ancient Ayurvedic formulas with modern scientific research, their range of products is prized for effective skincare and therapeutic properties. Bring the treasure trove of purity home and let your skin reveal its better side in no time.

2. Ruby’s Organics: 

Changing the way women use makeup and bringing back the aesthetics, Ruby’s Organics offer makeup and beauty products that let modern women carry the choice of colour safely, without any chemicals. The brand functions and crafts products that are cruelty-free and organic, with ingredients that are plant-based. Not only are the products non-toxic but also infused with bio-active ingredients that are nourishing. The goal of adding skincare properties in makeup and beauty products is exactly what Ruby’s Organics products are achieving. Some of their best-sellers are Ruby’s Organics lipstick (in the shades, plum, and nuddy) and Smoked Kohl + eyeliner in black. 

3. Indulgeo Essentials: 

Bringing the benefits of aromatherapy and nutritive natural ingredients to solve all the skin and hair care woes, Indulgeo essentials makes result-oriented concoctions of oils that are just what you need in the modern and advanced run of today. The brand plays with blends that are chemical-free, natural and eco-friendly. The unique oil formulations are perfect to soothe and clear the skin while nourishing and hydrating it from within. Their magical potions are loved by the users for treating pigmentation, aging and dull skin the most. So, try on the age-old yet magical goodness of these oils and achieve great skin in no time.

4. Paul Penders: 

Century-old, organic, cruelty-free, free of any kind of chemicals and effective, what more can one ask for in a hair and skincare product? And, that’s what Paul Penders is known for delivering through its bottles of magic. Their mantra is ‘Truly Vegan, Truly Botanical, and Truly Ayurvedic’. The untouched secrets of Paul Penders success are visible through healthy skin and hair. With skin and hair care products for women, Paul Penders also offers amazing goods for men. The products are made combining the purest and highest form of quality ingredients which makes it safe for every skin type and concern.

5. Omorfee: 

Omorfee rises above the concept of just cleansing and nourishing and crafts products that truly bring one closer to nature and heal internally. As the meaning of the brand, the products are truly beautiful inside-out. It is one brand that focuses on one exotic ingredient per product and aims to optimize the benefits a user can derive out of it. Not only does the brand steer clear from chemicals, but also aims to formulate products that are cosmopolitan in every sense. The product and the brand on the whole ooze luxury and sustainability. With Omorfee, one can rest assured that they are taking the best care of themselves as well as the planet owing to its eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. 

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