Stay Sweat-free while you work on that summer body

Sweat is an embarrassment whether you are alone or anywhere in public, and odour, on the other hand, worsens the problem. No matter what one does to control the odour and sweat, we all fall in the sweat-trap every now and then, but here are some products and tips that can help you save yourself from the embarrassment in general while you work your way to that chiseled summer body.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated: The body tends to sweat more in order to cool down itself. Water not only helps the body function better but also maintains a comfortable temperature within. Keeping yourself hydrated can solve the issue big time.
  2. Keep your hair clean & scalp dry: Everyone has a different metabolism and your scalp may be all drenched in sweat, unlike others. So use a chemical-free dry shampoo instead of shampooing your hair every day to look fresh and stay dry. We recommend Juicy Chemistry’s Organic Dry Shampoo with plantain, bamboo, and charcoal.
  3. Check your sodium and caffeine intake: The human body reduces the sodium content in the body through sweat and consumption of caffeine stimulates the sweat glands too. These two things raise the body temperature forcing the body to attain balance via sweating. So cutting down on the same can help a lot.
  4. Use natural antiperspirants: There are a few people who cannot stop sweating which makes every day tough for them. Sweat stains and odour are a big issue for them. If you are one of them too, switching to organic deodorant sprays or stick can be a really good idea. One of the best selling stick that you must try is Juicy Chemistry’s Grapefruit & Patchouli organic deodorant stick.
  5. Make talc your best friend: Sweat is not limited to any particular area and so one needs to take care of themselves from top to toe. Before working out, you should spritz your body with Raw Nature’s talc spray with natural healing properties. The spray helps regulate the sweat as well as absorbs the excess moisture on the skin all day long.

We hope you achieve the desired results without any embarrassing sweat situation. Shop all complementing and helpful products today on!




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