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While bringing a green change in your lifestyle, let’s paint the world of the less fortunate with some happy colours too.

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Fulfilling social responsibility is one of the main objectives of Vanity Wagon as we grow. And so, we donate 1% of every purchase to Smile Foundation.

By shopping from our range of green and clean beauty, wellness and personal-care products, you will not only contribute to the happiness but will also strengthen the roots of the nation by supporting a girl child’s education and aspirations.

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About The Initiative

Vanity Wagon, as a supporter of sustainability in the beauty industry and otherwise, is well aware of its corporate responsibility towards the society.

A lot is said but little is done towards the betterment of the society where the gender gap and inequality still prevails equaling to a mountain. Not only is a girl denied the basic rights but also essentials of growth such as education, proper nutrition, health and respect. A girl child has to work harder and face many more challenges in comparison to her counterpart to achieve just as much or more. The least we can do is support them as we grow economically. To enable, equip and empower the girl child still dreaming about that start, we promise to donate 1% of every purchase made with us.

We are thrilled to join hands with Smile Foundation for their impeccable and valuable ‘She Can Fly’ campaign that provides quality education, proper nutrition, good health, and adequate skills to help them live their lives with full potential and happiness.

It is not only important to let these young girls study and grow but it is also pivotal for the society to realize that the nation, on the whole, cannot grow without them. She Can Fly is a great sensitizing movement to wake society from its gravely negative gender discrimination.

Let us all come together to support and watch these angels fly with success. SHE SURE CAN FLY, LET’S GIVE HER THE SKY SHE NEEDS!

Girl Child in India

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