Say no to tan with these DIY Tan removal remedies!

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Indian summers bring with it the undeniable and inevitable suntan. We all have gone through a tan phase. Though the tan is inevitable, it is not impossible to get rid of it. There are ample of tan removal remedies that one can resort to with just a few things from your kitchen.

More than any, dry skin is most vulnerable when it comes to removing tan as almost every ingredient leaves the skin tight and even more flaky. A lot of ingredients like clay, naturals acids, et cetera may not work well if you have dry skin, so here are 3 amazing tan removal remedies that will brighten back your skin tone and also moisturize it at the same time.

  1.    Tomato juice and yogurt:

Owing to the antioxidants in tomato juice, it makes to be a great tan removal agent. Tomato juice is known to bring back the glow to dull and dehydrated skin. It prevents sunburn, repairs damage and evens out the skin tone. And, yogurt, on the other hand, acts a great emollient delivering and retaining the moisture.

What you’ll need: ½ cup thick yogurt and 4-6 tablespoons tomato juice.

Directions: Mix the ingredients well until a consistent paste is formed. Apply the mixture on your face, neck, hands or any other tanned area. Let it stay for at least 20-30 minutes. Dampen the skin, massage your skin for 15-20 seconds and rinse with tap water.

  1.    Chickpea flour, turmeric, and potato juice:

Chickpea flour and turmeric are known for its skin-brightening and moisturizing properties and potato juice has brilliant natural bleaching capabilities. These three ingredients are perfect for treating a suntan. This home-made formula will leave the even out the skin tone and nourish it deeply.

What you’ll need: 2 teaspoon chickpea flour, a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 tablespoons of potato juice.

Directions: Mix all the ingredients in the correct proportion in a bowl until it turns into a paste. Apply it all over your face, neck, hands or any other tanned area. Let it sit until dry. Wash it off with cold water. Apply this pack every second day for best results.

  1.    Papaya and honey:

Thank the natural enzymes in papaya and antiseptic honey for rescuing your skin’s even tone and moisture. The combination of these two ingredients brings along great exfoliating and bleaching properties that will bring the skin’s bright surface back in just a few days. This pack is also great for repairing the sun damage and smoothening wrinkles and fine lines.

What you’ll need: 6-8 dices of ripen papaya and 2 teaspoons of honey.

Directions: Mash down the papaya and add honey to it to form a thick paste. Apply the mixture to your tanned skin and let it dry. Wash off with cold water and pat dry gently.  

So, get your bowls and binding base ready as you’re about to stir, apply and glow!

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