Top 12 Budget-friendly skincare products

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Is your pocket barring you from indulging in a healthy skincare routine that will deliver great, radiant skin? Just like us, you don’t have to hold yourself anymore in order to glow and shine.
We have found the best organic and super-affordable skincare products that are easily available and work just as well as the luxury counterparts that lure all of us. Here are some of the Budget-friendly skincare products you need to get your hands on right away!


Organic Harvest 3-in-1 Face wash: Cleanse and scrub the dirt and oil away and stay fresh at just INR 395. This amazing and refreshing face wash double cleanses the face and leaves it soft and supple for you to enjoy. A great pick for summers!
Biotique Honey Gel Foaming Face wash: The goodness of honey is to be cherished throughout the year and this face wash will prove it right. At an affordable and surprising price point of just INR 119, Biotique packs healthy and clear skin in this 100ml tube. Just tick open and rejuvenate your skin!
First Water Solutions Clear 7 Face wash: Got sensitive skin? Say hello to this amazing and mild wash that will keep any form of dermatitis at bay and cleanse your face gently. Priced at INR 499, this face wash is a staple of many.

Scrubs & Exfoliants

Bhumih Ayurveda’s Samandar Scrub: Loaded with sea salt goodness and sea weed algae, this scrub nourishes the skin, and balances oil production for all-day freshness. You can get this beauty enhancer at INR 489.
Auli Lifestyle’s Smoothie Scrub: Don’t just drink but also bathe in smoothie. Experience the soothing similarity and unveil great skin with this face, lip and body scrub. We can’t believe the wonders it does at just INR 775. Try it for yourself!

Face Masks

Mama Earth’s C3 Face mask: Enjoy the invigorating fragrance and freshness of coffee, charcoal and clay with wondrous face mask priced at mere INR 599. Let acne, oiliness, and uneven skin tone be a worry of the past and move towards blooming skin.
Khadi Natural’s Herbal Face Mask: Cool and hydrate your skin in this hot summer season with the nutriments of neem, basil, and mint. This amazing face mask comes at INR 145 and delivers a result that can’t be valued.

Toners & Mists

Just Herbs Pore refining tonique: Spray the goodness of mandarin’s distilled water packed in a 100 ml bottle, priced at just INR 495. It’s anti-microbial properties keeps acne at bay and the pomegranate extract and mandarin reduces the appearance of pores and tightens the skin.
Bath Candy Co’s Organic Lavender Hydrosol: Summer brings with itself the hassle of multiple cleansing activities but this hydrating mist, priced at INR 300, will minimize your trouble with excessive oil and free radicals. Spray the cooling anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial mist on your skin as and when needed and forget what summers feel like.
Vaunt’s Watermelon and Seaweed Face mist: No insisting but this refreshing face mist is all you need to fight the harsh loo in the city. Spritz some composing benefits from this amazing bottle costing INR 575 and relive your pleasant shower experience.

Serums & Facial Oils

Disguise Cosmetics Rainbow Glow oil: Forget highlighters, make your skin, face and lips glow and radiate sunshiny rays with this treating, protecting and hydrating facial oil, valued at just INR 700. We can’t awe the results enough, let’s see if you can.
Ilana Organics Brightening skin serum: Not all amazing products come at a hefty price label; one of them is priced at just INR 790. This brightening serum is packed with Vitamin C, papaya and lemon extracts. Apply few drops and you’re all set to rock. Try now!
Can’t believe that promising skincare could be so affordable? Pinch yourself and buy all of these now at even better and slashed prices only at Say YAY! 🙂

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