Habits are often not chosen but formed, but who wants dull and damaged skin or hair at any given cost? Beauty isn’t just the art of concealing or looking flawless but the improvement from within. 

To wake you and burst the ‘I do the best for my skin’ bubble, we bring you a list of beauty habits you must break up with instantly. 


Excessive use of scrubs and exfoliators: We all have seen and been through the desperate days of wanting dewy, healthy skin that compelled us to use harmful products with ample harsh chemicals. Excessive use of scrubs and exfoliators may rip off the natural oils and leave the skin dry and dull. 

Skipping the use of sunscreen: Exposing your skin to the UVA and UVB rays can affect the health of your skin in unimaginable ways. You must absolutely rectify your habit of stepping out without shielding your skin with a good sunscreen lotion.

Sleeping with your makeup on: Passing out with your makeup products on is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make because despite the good-quality of the products you layer on, the products clog the pores of the skin and let all the chemical seep in the depth. hence, the break outs and other skin concerns. 

Refusing to aid by the night time skin care routine: Our skin goes through a lot and it is definitely tormenting for it to not have any sort of repair or care during the times it can breathe a.k.a during sleep time. So make sure you make the most of our FREE skin consultation(call us) and start a regime that will help your skin recharge itself after the tormenting day long session. 

Not using heat protectant spray before styling your hair: Just as you need sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays, your hair needs a layer of heat protectant sprays that blocks the heat from damaging the bonds of your hair. Haven’t considered using it yet? Add one to your collection now and let your hair live and look healthy. 

Ignoring your strands: Regular trims and occasional intense moisture is what your hair strands demand. Getting the dead inches chopped and conditioning your hair is an ultimate route to gorgeous looking hair. Stop ignoring what your hair needs and make them look lustrous with frequent trims and nutrient enriched masques.

Stop using dirty or unclean makeup brushes: It is not just important to apply good quality make up but the process and tools should be clean and hygienic too. Make sure you clean your brushes often and nicely since they come in contact with your skin directly enough to transfer any unwanted germs or bacteria onto your face.

Sleeping on the same pillowcase for day(S): Yes, we intend to say DAYS! More than a request, we demand all out lovely ladies to change their pillowcases in every three days to avoid any harmful particles to come in contact with your skin and affect to adversely.  


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