Same-Same but Different: Face Wash Vs Cleanser

Cleanser vs Face Wash

Cleanser vs Face Wash – Working our way to squeaky clean skin is one of the favorite things no matter the time of the day. Each one of us enjoys working up a lather in order to dissolve and drain the dirt, gunk, and grime off the skin.

We all use a face wash or a face cleanser but we hardly understand that these two things are different even though their function is similar. Let’s jump in and try to comprehend how are these two things different and which one is right for us and our skin type. 

Face wash: 

Commonly used and understood, the face wash is a foaming formula that lathers up and can be substituted for soap to say. It is stronger in cleaning pores and deeper layers of debris due to the foam. 

A face wash makes to be the right choice after the skin is exposed to the high level of pollution or dirt. It cleanses the surface as well as the open pores, which prepares the skin for hydration and rest. 


Suited for: It is more suitable for combination to oily skin type as it works well to pull out deep-seated grime and impurities. 

Recommended hour and frequency of usage: It is recommended to use a face wash maximum twice a day (AM & PM). 


The right way of using a face wash: Wash your face first, take a pea-sized amount of product and apply it onto damp skin, massage only for 15 seconds. Do not miss your hairline or chin, rinse it off well and pat dry your skin. 

Best Face washes: Soul tree Indian Rose Face wash, Omorfee Green Apple Face wash, Mama Earth Ubtan Face wash, Just Herbs Silksplash Face wash and Organic Harvest 3-in-1 face wash


Face cleansers, on the other hand, are non-foaming cleansing formulas (commonly a creamy form) that cleanse the surface of the skin, remove the makeup, and dirt from the top layer. A cleanser is mostly a no-rinse formula. It just needs to be applied on the skin, massaged and wiped off. It dissolves the excess oil and grime right away, leaving the skin clean and ready for skincare. 

The best part of a cleanser is that is it hydrating and more moisturizing than a face wash.

Suited For: It makes to be the right product for dry to super dry skin type as it is creamy and a no-foaming formula. 

Recommended hour and frequency of usage: It is recommended to use the cleanser just once a day, that too if your skin has been exposed to pollution or dirt, or if you have applied makeup. (in the PM).

The right way of using a cleanser: Take enough amount of the cleanser on a biodegradable cotton pad and apply it on your skin. Massage in the product and sweep the skin clean with the cotton pad itself. Do not rinse as a cleanser leaves behind the moisture that your skin requires. 

Best Cleansers: Just Herbs Sapta Jal, Omorfee Tea Tree Cleansing Milk, Soul tree Cleansing Lotion, and Paul Penders Rosemary and calendula cleansing milk

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