Safe, Effective & Natural: All that a parent must-have for their child

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Child care is a booming section of the beauty and cosmetic industry. The market is flooded with ample of options in the bath and body care section which often leads to confusion but we are sure that every parent is super conscious when it comes to picking something for their gentle juniors. 

A child’s bath and body collection should be two things; chemical-free & safe, apart from the goodness of nourishment and fun element that we expect to come along. So, all you parents out there, mark our words and explore the collection of these safe and natural brands that make bath time fun and safe, both at the same time. 


Cocomo from the house of nature is a great brand that offers a happy and gentle range of cleansers and lotions, hand-crafted for young children. Created by a circle of moms and an expert cosmetologist, their natural products are formulated using only the highest quality ingredients that are considered to be a treasure of nature’s best. Choose cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners from their differently themed ranges that are exciting for the kids as well.

Mama Earth: 

Made by parents, with 100% safe, organic and natural ingredients, Mama Earth brings together the principle benefits of Ayurveda and the modern techniques to deliver gentle and mild skin and hair care solutions for babies. They cater and answer all the WHYs of the parents through their range of products including gentle cleansers, creams, tummy roll-ons and more.

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What better can a parent wish for than cruelty-free, problem eliminating Ayurvedic formulas, that are mild yet amazingly efficient? Biotique offers 100% botanical solutions that are highly effective and safe for your little ones. From cleansers and creams to shampoo and conditioners, they have all that you’ll need for your baby. The vision of the brand is to promote the wellness of the body, mind, and soul through age-old and tested medicinal system of Ayurveda which is synonymous to safety, authenticity, and gentleness. Click here to explore their range of products for your baby and yourself. 

Paul Penders:

Century-old, organic, cruelty-free, and chemical-free, Paul Penders is known for delivering magic in bottles. It is one of the best brands that is truly vegan, truly botanical, and truly Ayurvedic. They offer some of the best baby products such as baby body lotion, baby shower gel, and shampoos that are made combining the purest and highest form of quality ingredients which makes them safe for everyday use as well. Click here to explore their range of products. 

Relieved to find your one-stop shop for baby care shopping? Get shopping now.

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