Restore your skin & hair health post-Holi with clean products

The festival of colours is sure a lot of fun. We don’t just need to be all prepped up to look colourfully gorgeous, but also be stacked up with recovery products post the play. We hope you’re nodding with excitement but before all the chemicals being patted on your face, we want you to be ready for the future.

Mark these must-haves and order them today on!

Mamaearth’s root restore hair oil

Every inch of your scalp needs intense moisturizing to re-strengthen the roots post the colour splash. You cannot underestimate the power of optimum nourishment and this is just what you need to neutralize the dryness the colours may have brought. This oil is a therapeutic blend of 10 friendly herbal oils that collectively promotes a healthy scalp and strengthens the roots. It also treats hair loss, thinning and repairs damaged hair. So, begin the champi right after your holi wash and witness no beauty downtime.

Ohria Ayurveda’s basil & lavender body butter

Dry, flaky and itchy skin can be torturous. Lather and bathe in body butter just as much as you like because your skin requires ultra-nourishment after being exposed to colours and cleansers. Intense moisturizing your skin will help it counter better to any chemical-damage that may have taken place. Ohria Ayurveda’s basil & lavender body butter is a saviour. Slather it on your body at least twice a day until your skin feels optimally smooth and moisturized. You should also moisturize your skin well before playing Holi as it will act up as a shield and prevent chemicals from penetrating into your skin by filming it with the nutrients.

Soultree’s Sun Protection Cream with Aloe & Green Tea SPF 30

SPF: Save. Protect, Fight! Though you might feel zero need, do not rule out applying your sunblock while you play Holi and especially as an after-care product. Post playing with colours, the dry patches of exposed skin may get weak and that is when the UVA and UVB can be even more harmful. Apply a layer of Soultree’s Sun protection cream with SPF 30 every day to protect your skin well. This formula will not only shield your skin but will also hydrate and soothe it well with the power of Vitamin E and a special blend of oils.

Juicy Chemistry’s Camellia, Amla, & Apricot Leave-In Conditioner

No one can get enough of conditioners ever. We recommend you depend on a leave-in conditioner post-Holi to make sure that the strands are moisturized as much and optimally. Using Juicy Chemistry’s leave-in conditioner will lock in the moisture in the hair bonds and repair the damage. This particular formula is high in Vitamin C. It improves the blood circulation, promotes healthy hair growth and acts as a hair tonic.

Natural Vibes’ Ayurvedic beauty oil with 24K gold flakes

Facial oils are great concentrated elixirs that deeply moisturize the skin and replenishe the loss of nutrients in it. This ayurvedic beauty oil will address all your needs post the Holi fun. It alleviates dryness, balances the pH balance, improves the skin’s texture, fights the signs of aging and hydrates it well. Use this pre-Holi as well and enjoy radiant and healthy skin always.


Cover up as much as you can. Wearing a pair of shorts and tee is the best you’d like but cover up with a linen jacket or tracks to avoid direct colour contact.

Up do can be your friend for today. Open hair will surely have the pictures better but the repercussions of all the colour in the hair is not what you want then braid up or tie your hair in a knot for some extra protection.

Apply SPF before stepping out because the layer of colours cannot block the harm from UV rays.

We wish you all a safe & happy Holi!

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