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Shankara Deep Pore Cleansing Mask with White Clay and Tea Tree

Rs. 2,450.00

The Deep Pore Cleansing Mask draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil for a clearer and less oily complexion. The herbal formulation stimulates circulation and helps oxygenate facial skin. Ideal for Acne-ridden skin, the mask keeps skin rejuvenated and radiant. This mask is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory as well

Apply to cleansed skin. Avoid the area around the eyes. Leave on 10-20 minutes, rinse off. The Deep Pore Cleansing Mask can be applied on Blemishes as a spot treatment. Oily/Acne-Ridden skin: Use 2 times a week; Normal skin: Once a week or as needed Dry skin.

1.Deeply purifying draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil
2.Stimulates circulation and oxygenates
3.Helps keep the skin clean

Structured energized water; White clay; Glycerin (veg.); Mineral Oxide; Vegetable wax; Grapefruit seed extract; Amino acids of NaPCA, Glutamic Acid, Trimethylglycine, Glycine, Alanine, Proline, Serine and Threonine; Glycerin (veg.) extract of Meadowsweet; Lavender EO; Glycerin (veg.) extract of Golden Flax; Xanthan Gum; CO2 extract of Neem; Lemon Tea Tree EO; Tea Tree EO; Aloe Barbadensis; Essential oil blend preservative of Oregano leaf extract, Thyme extract, Olive leaf extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Lavender flower extract, Golden Seal root extract; Camphor EO; Lemon Basil EO; Thyme EO; CO2 extract of Calendula; Clove EO; Litsea Cubeba EO; Rosemary EO; CO2 extract of Seabuckthorn berry; Arjun powder; Lavender powder; Neem powder; Orange peel powder; Hyssop EO; Ravensara EO; Rosemary powder; Yarrow EO.

2 Years.