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New Year, New You | 16% Off, Use Code NEWYOU16
New Year, New You | 16% Off, Use Code NEWYOU16

Sandook Head Massage Oil

Rs. 249.00

You can regain your sleep, boost your energy and ease off all pain with our unique 100% natural Sandook Head Massage Oil.

First, create partitions in your hair, take some Sandook Stress relief oil in your palm and gently apply generously over hair.
Massage your hair scalp with your fingers in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction so that the oil spreads evenly.
Apply every day at night, wash off hair the next day.

Instant stress reliever & fast action formula. 
Useful in reducing headaches and migraine. 
Improves blood circulation in hair scalp for relaxing effect. 
Useful in improving concentration & memory.
Useful in ensuring sound sleep.
100% Ayurvedic.
Free from harmful chemical additives & mineral oil.

Ashwagandha, Japa Pushpa, Bhringraj, kachoor, Brahmi, sugandha vala, mandukparni, Pudina satva, Pudina oil, Kapoor, base fragrance.