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Ruby's Organics Cream Concealer, Light

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This balm-like weightless texture is meticulously created using oils and clays with healing properties to give the skin hydrated coverage.

Cakey, dry, and patchy skin will be the least of all your worries. We promise! Ruby’s Organic concealers are especially sheer and highly adaptable to a wide range of skin tones, so don’t fear for the shade. Vegetarian. No Parabens. No Petroleum. No Alcohol. No Artificial Fragrances. No Chemical Preservatives. No Heavy Metals. Strictly No Animal testing.

Apply sparingly with your finger or sponge under eyes or wherever extra coverage is desired, dabbing outward to blend. Tip – Mix with your favorite moisturizer or primer for foundation-like coverage.

A natural and organic cream concealer for light skin tones.

Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Glycerine.

Customer Reviews

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Good medium coverage concealer

I dont do makeup, but was thinking how much better I would look with my concealed dark circles. I dont have very dark ones, but only a bit and also have a bit of hollow eyes because of continuous screen time. My skin is combination, mostly an oily nose, but a drier areas. So I am against powders and other heavy makeup, which I may do occasionally and have a concealer for that. I bought this one particularly because it is cream based and said to be organic. I does blend well with my skin texture and doesnt dry out my under eyes. Coverage, like I said is medium, but i have not tried to layer up because a. I am lazy b. Didn't want to risk cakey.
I have also bought their both kajals and pray to god that they really are organic and full of good oils like they say.