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Raw Nature Friction Defence Cream, Rice Bran Wax & Rosemary Oil

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The Raw Nature Rice Bran Wax & Rosemary Oil Friction Defence Cream is a custom formulation of active botanicals and essential oils that prevents & soothes damaging friction due to Chafing irritations before they begin.

Superior protection from Chafing caused by tight clothes, shoes, sports equipment, or ordinary clothes rubbing against the skin. Use this non-staining, non-greasy Chamois Cream generously under dry and wet scuba, surfing, kayak suits, biking, and running shorts or everyday clothes. Apply directly and generously to all possible friction points.

Take the appropriate amount & spread it to the desired area. Apply before any exercise regimen or as required for the best results.

Shea Butter, Veganceras NJ, Lexfeel N5, Finestar Lans, BHT, Lexguard Natural, Sunflower Wax, Rice Bran Wax, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil.