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Organic Harvest Skin Conditioner Face Sheet Mask with Lavender

Rs. 125.00

Condition and nourish the skin with the Skin Conditioner Organic Serum Mask with a calming Lavender fragrance. The oatmeal extract is an organic mattifying agent that helps absorbs natural skin oils. Aloe vera extract helps in locking in the moisture and gives the skin a radiant glow. Yogurt has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps to prevent dryness.

Furthermore, it also helps to dissolve the dry and dead skin cells and smoothens the rough and dry skin. The pleasant Lavender fragrance helps in promoting a sense of well being and calmness. So face the day flawlessly with the Skin Conditioner Organic Serum Mask.


1. Cleanse the face and unfold the mask from the sachet. Gently apply on a clean face with a protective film on the outside of your face.

2. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face to adhere entirely over the face positioning openings for eyes and mouth

3. Leave it on for 15-20 mins.

4. Gently remove the mask. Massage gently to allow the excess formula to be absorbed, or use a cotton pad to remove.

For best results, use mask 1-2 times a week.

Certified Organic Serum Mask; Pleasing Lavender Aroma; Complete Skin & Mind Rejuvenation; With the benefits of oat milk and yogurt.

Oatmeal extract; Aloe Vera; Yogurt; Lavender Fragrance.