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Ohria Ayurveda Snanam, Royal Bath Gift Box

Rs. 895.00

1pc Turmeric & Marigold Bathing Bar 50gm 1pc Himalayan Clay Bathing Bar 50gm
1pc Orange, Lemon peel & Brown Sugar Bathing Bar 50gm
1pc Cinnamon & Green tea Bathing Bar 50gm

A specially curated box with a heavenly blend of the wide range of naturally fragranced bathing bars for a soft supremely nourished after bath feel. A Bathing collection with ancient traditional Ayurvedic cleansers like turmeric, rose, goat’s milk, marigold, lentils that nourish, brighten and gently cleanse retaining skin’s natural moisture leaving it smooth, soft & glowing.

24 months