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Ohria Ayurveda Shrikamya Body Beauty Oil, Skin Lightening & Firming

Rs. 2,250.00

Finely crafted for its affinity to the Kansa Body massage tool.

Assists in massage benefits, improving skin texture &.

Firms , tones & deeply hydrates body

Removes pigmentation, rendering skin clear , smooth & even tone.

A luxurious blend of skin lightening & brightening herbs of Rakt Chandan, Kasturi Manjal, Yasthimadhu and essential oil of Parijat flowers
Apply on body as an before bath hydrating treatment.
Use as Kansa Massage oil by itself or by blending with coconut oil for all skin types or with Sesame oil for very dry skin.
Ideal for massaging with kansa as a relaxing treatment.
yastimadhu seasme, Jojoba, Vit E, Almond, methi, redsandalwood, Kasturi Manjal Essential oil, Harshringar