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Ohria Ayurveda Raatrani Collection Gift Box For Her

Rs. 1,550.00

Gift Box Contains:

Get a FREE COWRIE RAKHI with it.

Ohria Ayurveda Raatrani & Mint, Uplift & Refresh, Soap Bar, 120gm

Hydrating reawakening bathing bar created by blending raatrani flowers handpicked at night as the flowers are blooming in their fragrant glory. The flower benefits are extracted using the Ancient Ayurvedic method and blended in this bar to give refreshing, cooling, and uplifting benefits, the sultry fragrance reminds of enticing and legendary night-blooming Jasmine.

Ohria Ayurveda Natural Neem Wooden Comb

Natural comb to arrest hair fall, balding, Dandruff and itchy scalp. Gentle on hair & scalp nontoxic, it prevents static hair. Natural comb improves blood circulation, helps hair grow long lustrous, and healthy combing distributes the healthy scalp oils on strands, adding shine. All energies converge in the head, wooden comb balances all external and internal energies.

Ohria Ayurveda Raatrani and Mint, Natural Deodorant, 50ml

Based on the ancient art of deodorizing with cooling herbs like khus, Aloe Vera, bael, sandalwood & Mint. Natural antibacterial, antifungal agents that tone & reduce perspiration. Astringent evens skin tone and is anti-inflammatory. Softens, soothes & gently hydrates.


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