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GET 15% OFF* Use Code: SAVE15

Ohria Ayurveda Nimba Karanj Thailam, Anti Dandruff Oil for Healthy and Nourish Scalp

Rs. 1,390.00

A scalp conditioning treatment with herbs like neem, Triphala, Karanj, Bakuchi, Karpur extracted in sesame oil to control scalp infections and itchiness. It also balances flaky scalp conditions while Methi, Nagarmotha, Manjistha strengthen follicles & nourish dry hair to restore manageability, health, and shine.

Massage gently on scalp and hair strands from roots till the ends. Preferably wrap head in a hot towel for 5 mins. Leave for an hour and then shampoo.

Triphala, Manjistha, Sariva, Khadir, Karanj Oil, Bakuchi Oil, Neem Oil, Nagarmotha, Methi.