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Ohria Ayurveda Kansa Vataki Foot Massage Wand

Rs. 2,750.00

Ohria Ayurveda revives this age-old traditional Ayurvedic massage tool, Kansa- ‘healing metal from the Harappan culture’.

Comprising of a rich golden hue, the medium size Kansa Vataki, “Healing metal” bowl top is specially designed for foot relaxation and is handcrafted upon a rosewood handle.

Ohria Kansa Wand comprises of a blend of three metals in proportion as prescribed in Ayurveda. As Copper reduces pain & inflammation, Enhances immunity and Tin reduces headache, stress & insomnia. An ayurvedic experience to relax body, mind & spirit.

Soothes & relieves tired feet.
The foot has almost 2000 nerves, massaging them rejuvenates the entire body.
Calms & relaxes the body induces sleep.
Ensures a free flow of prana, the body's innate energy.
Reduces stress, anxiety &depression.
Relieves eye strain & tired eyes.

Prepare the foot for Kansa massage by applying OHRIA Amrit Ras Foot cream/ Oil or OHRIA Shrikamya Body beauty oil and glide the Kansa Wand smoothly along with the shape of the foot in back & forth and circular movements.

Copper, Tin, Rosewood