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Mamaearth Reboot, Aftershave Lotion with Green Tea and Witch Hazel

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Reboot You Day – Craving for a burst of energy in the morning to get your day started? Look no more! Mamaearth’ Reboot Aftershave lotion gives you that needed push to start your day with a bang! Enriched with witch hazel and green tea oil, it freshens your senses and puts you in the right state of mind to conquer the day!

Soothing Nicks & Cuts – Contains witch hazel- an astringent touted as having great anti-hemorrhagic properties and is often used for treating minor cuts and bruises. It naturally tightens skin, closes wounds, and promotes quicker healing.

Cooling After Effect – Contains menthol which provides the skin with an instant burst of cooling sensation, making you ready to take on all that comes your way throughout the day!

Moisture Lock – Combination of various essential oils like tea tree oil, green almond oil, cedarwood oil, jojoba oil and patchouli oil keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated and ensure the locking in of moisture- helping your skin to be smooth and supple.

Toxin-Free – Free of paraben, sulphates, SLS, SLES and artificial fragrances.

Pour some aftershave lotion on your hands and gently dab on your cheeks for a refreshing aftershave experience.

Soothe the nicks and cuts
Locks in moisture
Provide a cooling effect to calm skin.

Green Tea: Naturally rich in antioxidants, Green Tea has a strong antioxidant effect that protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Witch Hazel: The anti-inflammatory property of witch hazel soothes irritation and minor cuts that often result from shaving.

Tea Tree Oil: Keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated while making the skin smooth and supple.