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Light Up Beauty Blaze Vitamin C Glow Serum

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This glow activating serum revives and illuminates using the Gold Standard of Vitamin C,THD Ascorbate and a 12 Power Nutri-Complex including Bio-Retinols, Milk Peptides, Arbutin,Beetroot and Chinese Ginger.


Step 1: Apply just 1-2 pumps evenly on face and neck in the morning.
Step 2: Gently pat skin until absorbed.
Step 3: For visible brightening, follow up with Vitamin C Glow Cream at night.


SPOT CORRECTION BRIGHTENING: Supercharged with the Gold Standard of Vitamin C, THD Ascorbate illuminates and penetrates 3X faster than traditional Vitamin C. The safest alternative to hydroquinone, bearberry derived Alpha-Arbutin acts instantly on blemishes, spots, acne,brightening the skin in a flash.Chinese Ginger infuses 40 Anti-Oxidants that eradicate age spots and promote a luminous glow. Beetroot showers Vitamin C that reduces melanin production and controls hyperpigmentation.
PLUMPS AND HYDRATES:Experience hydration like never before with Hyaluronic Acid that holds 1000 times it’s weight in water and locks in moisture. This silky serum is fortified with an exotic rich blend of Chia Seed, Blackcurrant Seed and Pumpkin Seed Oil.These three magical oils combine forces to deliver upto 24 hours of hydration for a dewy fresh face plumped with moisture without a greasy finish.
ANTI-OXIDANT PROTECTION: An avalanche of anti-oxidants for your skin ! Sea buckthorn infuses more than 190 nutrients that fight free radical exposure and environmental stressors for a vibrant healthy glow.Iron rich Kakadu Plum contains the highest Vitamin C content in the world and delivers 5 X the average anti-oxidants present in other fruits. Vitamin E is perfect for its genius capabilities of tackling sun burn and moisturizing irritated and damaged skin.
COLLAGEN BOOSTING: Give your skin a non-surgical face lift with Milk Peptides that boost collagen and firm, tighten and sculpt your skin making it appear fuller and supple. Naturally derived Bio-Retinols delivers all the benefits of Retinol but without the irritating side effects that Retinols commonly have. More defined and contoured complexion is what you can expect with Bio-Retinols which work overtime to smoothen out fine lines, wrinkles and eliminates acne and pigmentation.


THD Ascorbate: The Gold Standard of Vitamin C, THD Ascorbate is ultra stable, oil soluble and penetrates 3X faster and boosts Collagen by upto 50% more than traditional Vitamin C, instantly luminizing and brightening your skin.THD also infuses Anti-Oxidants that protect your skin from UV damage and urban pollutants.
Alpha Arbutin: A botanical compound derived from the bearberry plant, Alpha-Arbutin works wonders when blended with Vitamin C to fade spots, sun damage induced pigmentation visibly brightening and transforming your skin tone.
Milk Peptides: Known to boost Collagen by upto 40%, Milk Peptides naturally lift and firm your skin.
Blackcurrant Seed Oil: A potent and concentrated source of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), Blackcurrant Seed Oil boosts skin’s elasticity and diminishes lines and premature signs of ageing.
Chinese Ginger: Used for centuries in traditional medicine, Chinese Ginger inhibits melanin production and has an instant brightening effect on your complexion.
Beetroot: Beets are blessed with high levels of Vitamin C making them in a true sense, a Superfood. Pigmentation, sagging skin and dryness will cease to be an issue with successive application of our serum.
Sea Buckthorn Oil: This Super-fruit delivers an explosion of more than 190 nutrients including more than 60 Anti-Oxidants, 20 Minerals and Omega 3,6,7 and 9.
Pumpkin Seed Oil: Fortified with Zinc, Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, Pumpkin Seed Oil quells inflammation, provides long lasting hydration and works well on all skin types including sensitive.


2 Years



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