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Lemme Be 100% Cotton Certified Biodegradable Heavy Flow Tampons

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A lot of people believe that menstrual hygiene products are unable to absorb their menstrual flow especially on heavy flow days. LemmeBe’s Heavy Flow tampons are sustainable, biodegradable, chemical-free but they are also small in size. So even on days with heavy flow, our super absorbency tampons will leave you feeling light and comfortable.
Features & Specifications
♛ Organic and Eco-Friendly:
✓ Made with 100% biodegradable organic cotton, our tampons are totally free of toxins, synthetics, fragrances and dyes and are produced within a sustainable and ethical process.
✓ Lemme Be tampons are comfortable, highly-absorbent, hypoallergenic and made with certified organic cotton because what you put in your body matters.
✓ Environment friendly, Free from harmful chemicals, FDA, GOTS & ISO Certified
♛ Body-centric design by and for Women:
✓ Expands to fit your body for total comfort and leak-protection, so you can move fearlessly from downward dog to white denim! Woven cord provides an added leak protection barrier.
✓ Zero Leaks and Zero Feel is possible with Lemme Be Heavy Flow Absorbency period pads.
♛ Easy Application:
✓ Ultra Slim BPA Free Plastic Applicator with contoured anti-slip and rounded tip for ultimate control and easy insertion.
✓ Items Included :15 Heavy Flow Tampons, Change recommended every 3-8 hours.
♛ Powerful Products for Powerful Bodies, Period:
✓ Every Lemme Be purchase provides access to period care and health education to women in need worldwide. Together, we’ve donated over 10 million pads and counting!
✓ Expands to fit body for maximum protection to provide leak-free confidence you can rely on.

Wash your hands and your intimate area before wearing a LemmeBe tampon.
Remove the hygiene wrap off the LemmeBe tampon, hold on to its string and pull on the string in a gentle circular motion. This will expand the base of the tampon very slightly.
Use your thumb to hold on to the string and your index finger to guide the LemmeBe tampon towards your vagina. Breathe, this is not going to hurt.
It is easier to insert the tampon inside your vagina if you are seated on the toilet seat and your legs are parted.
Insert the tampon - guide it in a downward direction toward your anus. (Yes, that is the right way). Use your index or middle finger to push the tampon inside your vagina.
If the tampon is inserted correctly, you will not feel it when you stand up. If you can still feel the tampon inside you when you are moving around or even when you are seated, you have not inserted the tampon correctly. Don’t worry, it might take a few tries to get it right if it’s your very first time. Don’t be discouraged, just tug on the string, pull out the tampon and try one more time.
Once you have worn a tampon, you can get back to your usual activities like dancing, tennis or even swimming. If you are using a tampon while swimming, remember to change before and after.
Change your tampon every four to six hours.

This pack includes
Pack of 15 heavy flow tampons
Can stay up to 3-4 hours depending on your flow and it has a capacity of 9 ml

3 years


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