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Green And Beige Clearity BHA Pore Clarifying Face Cleanser

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Face Cleanser for oily, acne-prone skin is loaded with gentle actives that eliminate surface build-up and also coax impurities from deep within. it deep-cleans pores it does not leave you with that dry, stripped-off feeling.


Wet your face. Take the tiniest squirt of the face cleanser and massage it around your face focusing around areas where you have issues of excess grime, blackhead, whiteheads, or make up deposit. Ideally continue for up to a minute before rinsing off with cool water. Repeat if you feel the need to.


1. Bio exfoliation
2. Anti-inflammatory
3. Astringent
4. Prebiotic skin microbiome
5. Balanced pH
6. Skin Barrier Friendly


We avoid shortcuts that deliver instant results of short-term value. When we developed this cleanser, we continued to adhere to an approach that was all about slow loving but had to be long-lasting in terms of results. Even the smallest dose of ingredients in this cleanser is carefully evaluated for its ability to protect your skin. We have only used ingredients that speak for the highest standards of clean beauty.

Egyptian Lotus and Sacred Lotus blends controls the flow of sebum and prevents inflammation.

Trehalose, glycerine and Aloe vera in combination ensure that your skin is plumped up and radiant when you wash off the cleanser. (None of that squeaky, papery feeling when you pat dry.) This makes it an excellent choice as a daily-use cleanser.

Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) from white willow bark and alpha hydroxy acids(AHA) from mombin, mango and banana—target clogged pores and stimulate the epidermis to let go of dead cells and impurities that typically form a clingy layer on oily skin. This action also prompts a fresh layer of cells to emerge on the surface, and makes the skin appear evenly toned, luminous, and healthy. (BHAs offer dual benefits of exfoliation and antimicrobial properties) The AHAs and BHAs also ensure that all ingredients go into the deepest layers, so your skin gets to enjoy maximum benefits of each ingredient.

Tea tree oil works like a little seal when all is done—it helps to tighten open pores, so the goodness of ingredients is retained and synthesised well.

Alpha glucan oligosaccharide has been used to maintain the delicate balance of your natural microbiome. Balancing skin microbiome is a challenge for most skin cleansers. We have addressed this issue by adding this plant based prebiotic. This corrects the bacterial landscape on your skin, prevents loss of moisture and cuts down oxidative stress that eventually accelerates signs of ageing.

The Green And Beige Pore Clarifying Face Cleanser fully understands what your oily skin needs to feel clean and look good.

24 months


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