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ENN Sili Wand, Mask Applicator

by ENN
Rs. 400.00

Now applying a face mask isn’t a humongous task anymore with ENN’s Sili Wand. Designed for paramount precision of face mask application, the Sili Wand has a flat silicon brush that makes the brush safe and easy to use which ensures utmost hygiene and no more product wastage. You can now have a flawless face mask application every time with the Silicon Face mask brush that is made of high-quality silicone.

No bacteria build-up.
100% safe and easy to use.
Cruelty-free product.
No more product wastage.
Easy to clean.

What it is NOT made of
Animal or synthetic hair.

Dampen the what-the-buff with the ENN’s Pregame primer face mist to let the makeup stay put.  Apply the makeup in a stippling motion to create an airbrush effect.  Clean the buff after each use.


15 months.