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ENN Breathe, Lets your Skin Breathe, Lavender Facial Mist

by ENN
Rs. 550.00

What do you do when you are overwhelmed and stressed? Take a deep breath. This mist is that deep breadth for your skin. Stress takes a toll on your mind, body and skin. And our Breathe Face Mist soothes you and keeps you fresh and calm all day.

There are so many skin stressors in our lives today that it can often get bogged down. Pollution, makeup, toxic skincare, hard water, humidity, acrid climate – the list goes on.

The Breathe Face Mist is our answer to all of that. Easy to carry and use, there are no rules to apply this versatile mist.

Lavender oil-infused mist 'BREATHE' instantly hydrates & revitalizes the skin. It gently removes residue, dirt and oil without stripping skin of vital moisture along with regenerating skin cells & improving blood circulation.

If you spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned room, this mist is your best friend. Spray it when you are stuck in traffic. Or stuck at your desk on a Saturday. Frequent fliers, this spray will save you on flights. Spray liberally on your face and neck. Massage it in instead of letting it set. Relax, put on your eye mask and snooze. You will arrive at your destination with happy skin.

For best results, buy the Breathe Face Mist: Let Your Skin Breathe Refreshing Spray online along with Enn’s range of face creams or herbal and all-natural face serums to see drastic and dramatic results.

There are many ways to use this mist. You can spray the mist right after you wash your face to tone your skin. Use this mist after applying your makeup as a setting spray. It will settle the makeup and give your skin a natural glow.

Natural Distilled Rose Water, Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Lavender  Essential Oil, and Menthol Crystals.

15 months.