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Earth Rhythm Pumpkin Seed Oil

Rs. 529.00

Facial oil helps your makeup brushes glide across the skin for a flawless finish, making it less likely to clump or streak. Facial oil can protect the skin from harmful pollutants. When applied as the last step of your skincare routine in the morning, facial oil can act as a barrier on the outer layer of the skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is rich in vitamins as well as antioxidants and works on retaining moisture, fighting free radicals, and maintaining a youthful appearance. The high amounts of zinc and vitamin E also improve skin tone, help wounds heal more rapidly, fight acne, and help with skin renewal. Its bounty of minerals has anti-aging effects as well.

Use your fingertips to apply. Warm a few drops of oil in your palms, then use your fingertips and palms to lightly press the oil into the skin. Before applying oil, lightly mist the face with toner.

100% Cold-Pressed Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil.

12 Months.