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Republic Day Sale | 30% Off*, Use Code REPUBLIC30

Auli Lifestyle Radiance, Hydrating Elixir with Organic Rose Petals

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Rs. 699.00

Dry To Normal Skin


This oil-based elixir/serum has been designed to hydrate your dry skin to the max.

Rose contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Rose oil has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin; while also offering antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acne skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat redness and puffiness of your skin.

In addition to all this, this elixir will help heal and nourish your skin to promote brighter, clearer, and more moisturized complexion.


Apply 2-3 drops of this amazing elixir, post-cleansing, to give your skin a layer of hydration. It is made of Pure Rose Petals hence it is very soothing, calming, and increases blood flow for better quality skin. You can apply this twice daily, for amazing results.


Organic Rose Petal.