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Auli Lifestyle Once a Day, Aloe Vera Massage Gel

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Oily To Normal Skin


This gel has been created to rejuvenate your skin and is a perfect amalgamation of vitamin E, papaya, and Aloe Vera extracts. Most effective for blemishes, pigmentation, and removal of dull skin cells. Its combined properties hydrate soothe and encourage clearer skin. It also fights active acne, dry skin, and heals sunburn, allergies, and shaving burns. It is non-sticky, non-greasy, and is rich in antiseptic properties.

P.S. It can be used by men as aftershave gel.


Apply once every day, for flawless and healthy-looking skin.


-REMOVES DULL SKIN: Infused with the goodness of papaya extracts, this Aloe Vera based massage gel works wonder to cure your skin of problems like dry, dull skin. It provides nutrients to your tired cells and revitalizes it to give you healthy glowing skin.

-SOOTHING EFFECT: As the gel is aqua based, it can soothe your skin beyond belief. It also has a calming effect that helps you relax and also soothes your skin after a long tiring day.

-WORKS ON ACNE: Aloe Vera, as we know works wonder on your acne-prone skin and helps in combating breakouts. It also moisturizes your dry cells, giving you a fresh and bright looking skin.

-PURE AND CHEMICAL FREE: It is purely Ayurvedic and organic with zero synthetics, no parabens or sulfates, and free of harmful chemicals.

-HERBAL TREAT TO SKIN: This Aloe Vera massage gel enriches your skin with a youthful glow and is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera Gel,  Papaya, Vitamin E, and many more essential oils and herbs.


Aloe Vera Gel + Papaya + Vitamin E + Aqua Gel + Distilled Water