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Get 15% Off, Use Code: FESTIVE15

Aryanveda Silver Spa Facial Kit for Detoxification and Dazzling Skin

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Rs. 625.00

Aryanveda Silver Spa Facial Kit is enriched with natural healing properties of Rajat Bhasma, Gulab, Falsa, Mosambi, Badam, Shesham, Nyagrodha, Chironji & Haldi. It helps cleanse skin & removes dust & environmental deposits & induces healthy skin healing.
1. First of all, you need to take sufficient quantity of the cleanser and apply on the face in an upward circular motion for about two to three minutes. Then wash it off with normal water completely.
2. Now apply sufficient quantity of the scrub on the pre wet skin and very gently rub it for the removal of the dead cells as well as the environmental pollutants. Do the same for five minutes and then completely wash off with water.
3. In the next step, sufficient amount of massage gel is to be taken to cover the entire face and massage gently for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it off completely.
4. Now take the massage cream and cover the entire face by rubbing it gently with the use of fingertips and wash it properly with water after fifteen minutes.
5. Pat dry after washing and apply the pack so that it forms a thick layer over the face. Avoid the eye area. Leave it on the face for around after fifteen to twenty minutes.
Aloe Vera ext, Tulsi ext, Rose ext, Almond oil, Olive oil