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Arata Zero Chemicals Natural Hair Oil with Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil and Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil

Rs. 690.00


A cold-pressed, vegan recipe designed to soothe, nurture, and hydrate your scalp. Rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, the formulation naturally nourishes dry and damaged hair, while strengthening your roots, stimulating growth, and restoring oil balance. Hemp seed oil naturally conditions and rejuvenates your strands, while Avocado oil reduces damage and frizziness.


Step 1: Work a small amount of the oil through your hair.
Step 2: Massage gently from your scalp to your tips. Leave on for 20 minutes, or apply overnight for natural conditioning
Step 3: Cleanse with a plant-based shampoo.


Nourishes dry and Damaged Hair, Stimulates Hair Growth, Strengthens Your Roots Naturally, For Men & Women


Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Cold-Pressed Avocado oil