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Best Serums Products in India

Waking up to a soft beautiful skin is now a reality

Is your face looking a bit meh? Drench it with a serum. A light-weight and effective skin care concoction that is infused with a rich set of ingredients to enhance the texture, tone, and appearance of your complexion. The luscious skin revitalizing serum reduces the formation of wrinkles and skin darkening pigments. Its inherent precious, active crystals perk up your skin.

Get a fresh and radiant glow every day with serums available on Vanity Wagon

With a broad-based profusion of branded products at Vanity Wagon, be it the skin-whitening, skin-firming or anti-ageing serums, we offer potent formulations, customized options with more targeted results.

The chart-busters from Vanity Wagon

Welcome with open arms a deeply nourished and radiant look with the regular application of this almost magic-like potion from our varied range of front running brands like Organic Harvest and First Water Solutions. Whether you are a serum enthusiast or ready to use one for the first time, check out our great options at Vanity Wagon to achieve the skin of your dreams.