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Leave your skin purified with scrubs and exfoliants

Enriched with organic exfoliants, a scrub can be used every day for your skin to unclog pores, combat excess oil and remove blackheads and dead skin cells. It sparks off a luminous glow to your skin that is affected daily with the harsh exposure to sun and pollution.

Deep cleanse your face with scrubs and exfoliants on offer at Vanity Wagon

Rejuvenate the radiance of your skin with our all-embracing collection of scrubs and exfoliants. Get down to the basics with our impressive cream-based or gel-based products in varieties of walnut, apricot, and anti-tan to brighten and purify your skin.

The best-selling products at Vanity Wagon

Improve the overall quality of your skin with our products from well-known brands like Khadi Natural, Organic Harvest and First Water Solution. Say hello to a smoother, unblemished and lively skin. Buy top of the range scrubs and exfoliants online at Vanity Wagon for your every skin concern.