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A formula that douses your parched skin with a Moisturiser drench

A moisturiser is a cosmetic preparation that hydrates, lubricates and protects the skin. It helps your skin to retain its natural moisture content with a dash of refreshment. Use an intense moisturiser to pamper and smooth your skin to leave a sheer glossy finish to your look.

Experience your skin’s happiness with moisturisers at Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon puts on to offer a shedload of the best-in-class moisturisers relevant to all skin types from amongst a few of the most renowned brands. Enliven your skin with our moisturisers filled with the goodness of peach, avocado, cherry, coconut cream, herbs and many more.

The bestselling moisturisers from Vanity Wagon

Indulge in super fresh skin moisturising solutions from leading brands like Biotique Products, Khadi Natural and First Water Solution available at Vanity Wagon. Each of the products delivers brilliant long-lasting results when you stick with it. Reach out to Vanity Wagon, India’s finest online destination for skin care needs and enjoy the blush like the glow of your skin with moisturisers.