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tan removal

Tan Removal Products

Everyone goes through a tanned, uneven skin tone phase once in a while due to overexposure to direct sunlight. Tanning is a very common skin concern that does not take long to happen but might not vanish quickly if the wrong or ineffective products are chosen. Exposure to sunlight may cause your body to produce more of skin color pigment (known as melanin) in order to protect the deeper layers from damage and hence, the darkened skin is termed as tanned. One may get rid of sun tan very easily with the right set of products from our organic and nature-based collection. Add some or all of our tan removal personal care products like massage gels, face masks, face washes, scrubs, bathing bars, and more to your regime and get your even skin tone back. With all the listed products, we bring you the goodness of ingredients like rose petals, shea butter, skin vitamins, neem, turmeric, calamine charcoal, honey, cane sugar, green tea, clay, almond and almond oil, saffron and more, that will remove all the tan in just a few uses and bring your skin back to its health.