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sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin Products

It’s a task to maintain a skin that gets irritated and reacts to almost everything you put on it. Sensitive skin needs special care and extra attention to keep up with. Not every product on anyone’s shelf is something that will play its magic. It needs to be cleansed, hydrated and maintained with a lot more care and gentle products and Organic is the only answer to it. In our effort to bring you the best of all there is, we make sure we pay equal attention to bringing together the products that one can lather without any worry. Our range of products meant for sensitive skin includes everything from face wash, face mask, shower gel, bathing bar, and scrubs to facial oils. There is no personal care product that is not meant for sensitive skin, just the formulation has to be in accordance and that’s what we study before enlisting it for you. Some of the best ingredients that work really well for sensitive skin are Sandalwood, Bentonite clay, Glycerin, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, and Almond oil.