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Maternity Care

Say hello to pregnancy with honest, organic, safe toxin-free products

During a pregnancy phase, a woman experiences mixed emotions of happiness with anxiety. The constant thought of the impending birth-giving process excites and unnerves a would-be mother at the same time. Our Mom care products support expectant mothers in a gentle yet effective manner.

Keep your pregnancy worries at bay with products at Vanity Wagon

Undoubtedly, the period just after giving birth is an extremely crucial phase for mothers. It’s an incredibly delicate state of affair to deal with the physical and emotional upheaval of new mothers. Our special mom care products include hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, hair-fall control solutions, skin care products like face masks and anti-scar and stretch mark creams.

Bestsellers for Expecting moms at Vanity Wagon

Our best-selling range of products for maternity care is offered by leading brand Mama Earth to cope with changes specific to this time. Each of these products is composed of 100% natural ingredients. Shop with us online at Vanity Wagon for mom care products meant particularly to address changes amid pregnancy and after pregnancy.