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Volumise your eyelashes to perfection with a mascara Products

Mascara is used to aggrandise the look of your eyes. They intricately define your eyelashes through an immaculate darkening, thickening and lengthening process. Mascara is a powerful meld of wax and essential oils. It also contains distinct preservatives to prevent clumping, smudging, or separation of eyelashes.

Achieve naturally lush and dense eyelashes with mascara Products at Vanity Wagon

We offer striking black natural mascara with inherent long-term curl memory formula that amplifies your lashes with color, volume, depth and a lot of drama and transport your eyes to the next level of glamour and glitz.

The bestseller from Vanity Wagon

We offer a simple yet effective solution with waterproof and smudge proof mascara from Paul Penders for gorgeous and voluminous lashes to brighten up your eyes and enhance your beauty. Shop with us online at Vanity Wagon to add a spunky stroke of enigma and royalty with our insightful mascara!